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Out of My Head

Oh... oh my god, Efan, WTF? So, uh, you know those lovely moments where your characters suprise you liek whoa? I had one of those today. Efan is, uh, well, he has issues? XDDDDD;;; I guess I should put a warning on this one, just in case any of you are in a public place? XDDDD;;;; Uh, yeah! Have fun!

Et Erunt Duo en Carne Una (this part NSFW at the end)
Day: 8

This is now bone of my bones and flesh of my flesh.Collapse )

Shall I Do?

No NaNo today. I'm sorry T.T I'm too far behind, tired and stressed out by apartment stuff to type out what I had written. Hopefully I'll get started on getting caught up tomorrow. *crosses fingers*


Running Across the Night Sky

Okay, I seriously need a new writing regime. I'm doing horribly and I'm so far behind. Starting Wednesday, I am going to sit for an hour to two hours with my headphones on and NOTHING ELSE GOING ON AROUND ME so that I can crank out more words. I'm getting far too few done a day at this rate and if I want to finish, I HAVE TO CATCH UP. Today was my day off and I couldn't really get anything done because I had to run errands today (I can't run errands when I'm working). SO! Be prepared for bigger chunks starting Wendesday! I will catch up!


Et Erunt Duo en Carne Una
Day: 6

After a minute, she nodded and mussed his hair in a motherly fashion, giving one ear a pet that made it twitch and perk back up.Collapse )

Not Like the Other Girls

Haha, I actually have more written for today on my notepad, but I didn't get it all typed up in time for my midnight deadline. So here's part of what I wrote today and now I can go get a good start on tomorrow. This is the first day off I've had since NaNo started, so I hope I can get caught up to everyone starting tomorrow. I'm going to work hard, so cheer me on!

Et Erunt Duo en Carne Una
Day: 5

'Only someone who had something to hide would wear that many layers in heat like this. I know because that's what I used to do.'Collapse )

When To Play Catch-Up

I seriously need to crack down and really get going on this sucker. It's still really slow-going. If I keep this up, there's no way I'll make it to 50k before the month is up T.T But! I'm not giving up! I got the first section done today! GO ME! So here, have a symbolism pwn in the face, and tomorrow you'll see how my job is leaking into my story. Score. Enjoy!

Et Erunt Duo en Carne Una
Day: 4

He drank her in with his eyes.Collapse )

Random NaNo Tip #1

Petting a purring kitty while writing increases productivity.

...well, at least in my case XD Some people might get distracted by the kitty and lose 100 words or something.

Okay, I'm done being random now.

*goes back to writing before having to go to work*


Rain or Shine

Today was NOT as productive as I was hoping it would be XD It was stormy today and I was restless and a little physically depressed, so we wound up going out to dinner when I got off work and then I was really distracted by CSI XD I did less today than I did on the first day. MUST make up for it tomorrow. Anyway, there's a bit of a reveal in this part, so it's interesting to write. Have at today's chunk!


Et Erunt Duo en Carne Una
Day: 3

'No!' said Efan, backing away from her. 'Above all else, I never wanted you to see them!'Collapse )

Waiting For the World To Fall...

Much more productive day today. I could have done better, but I was distracted by Gaia Online ^.^;;;; That distraction will be gone by tomorrow though, AND I get off work at a decent hour, so I hope to get a lot done. The characters are really taking shape in my mind now, so I'm hoping they'll push things along. Luxa's cute <3 I think Efan might have a thing for his sister O.o;;;

Et Erunt Duo en Carne Una
Day: 2

'Brother! Efan!' she cried, embracing him before her thin feet even hit the ground a second time.Collapse )

Or, as always, check it out at my profile!

It's an Adventure, Right, Right!?

Hehe, no novel as of yet for today, but just a thought I had. I've been writing all morning and now my heart's pounding. I don't want to stop, but I have to so I can go to work XD But my heart's pounding and I haven't felt like this in a while. To write with wild abandon, what a feeling! I know it sounds cheesy, but I think this is what they call the "creative rush." I haven't felt it in so very long.


Cheer for me! <3


The Rest is Still Unwritten...

Well, here's my humble offering from day one. A measley 650 words to start out with. Everyone is kicking my ass so far XDDDDDDDD But that's okay! I always start out slow. And I'm literally pulling all of this out of my ass NOW, with little advance planning. And it doesn't help that I keep getting distracted by going to look shit up to use as reference XDDDDD ANYWAY! Enough of that. My first little chunk. I finally decided on a title today too! So, have at it if you're interested? ^.^

Et Erunt Duo en Carne Una
Day: 1

Even getting the next pant size up didn't allow enough comfortable room for Efan to tuck his tail in.Collapse )

Or you can read it at my NaNo Profile!