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Every Time I See You Falling ...

LOL again I totally forgot to write an intro post again this year. I was thinking about doing it and then Halloween ate me so yeah, didn't happen, but it's happening now. Hello again, as I said earlier in the week, NaNo-times are here again and I'm back with an all-new story. That's right, my Bandit Kite novel last year didn't get finished (despite being a winner), so it's time to move on from that as a NaNo project. Instead, I'm now bringing you another idea that's been boiling in my brain since college and has apparently decided to finally manifest. Welcome to B.izarre L.ove T.riangle, a story of college, love, cross-dressing and exchange students in josei-style (I was calling it shoujo before, but seeing as everyone in this story is an adult, josei sounds more appropriate. Especially because of Arisu's mouth >.>). I'm pretty excited about writing this, because I'm drawing on a lot of my college experience so the feeling is really nostalgic for me. I'm also a little worried, because this story isn't as planned out as Bandit Kite was and I'm concerned the characters are coming out a little flat. But eh, that's what revision is for. Anyway, several of the characters are ones I've been developing for years in RP, so they're at least easy to write.

I've doubled my word count for the day, so I have a day's worth of cushion. Go me! Though, for the first time in a NaNo project, I've actually written some stuff out of order, so I won't be posting everything I wrote today since it's not chronological. You're just getting what comes first. Is too bad, because I wrote porn. :D You'll just have to wait for it!

Enough of my rambling though. Let's get to it!

BLT - B.izarre L.ove T.riangle Day 1:
Ruka Takahashi, 20, In Love, Desperate Part a
Warning: Somewhat NSFW due to dialog.

It was raining as Ruka stepped off the bus that had been the transportation for the exchange group from the airport and immediately put up his clear plastic umbrella. The weather was nostalgic and comforting and a little thrill ran through him at the thought that he was finally here, back in the small town of Bellup.
Despite its size, Bellup housed West Univeristy, the sister college to his school. It was here a year ago that he had arrived, a fresh-faced first year on his first trip to America as part of the exchange program between the two universities. All students at the school got a turn to spend six months in the U.S. as part of their majors. Since Ruka had never been to another country before, and since his major was international relations, he’d been assigned to go in his second trimester. It had been such a wonderful trip … so full of memories …
And now, thanks to the generosity of his older sister, he had another chance. Another chance!
His train of thought was interrupted by the travel director, a student volunteer working with the school exchange program, began shouting directions. Eagerly, Ruka got on tiptoe in his flats, trying to see over the heads and umbrellas and hats already grouped in front of him. He knew already from an exchange of emails that Brennan Grey, his former roommate, had volunteered to be a group leader for this exchange round and Ruka couldn’t wait to see him again. He was part of his precious memories, after all. He couldn’t help but be curious though, to see if she might be with him …
He spotted Brennan before too long, making his way through the crowd to various students, checking their names off on a clipboard. Ruka wanted to raise his hand in greeting but he held himself back. The person he was pretending to be now wouldn’t draw attention to “herself” like that, and wouldn’t know Brennan on sight besides. He’d waited six months for this moment. He could wait a little more.
It was only a moment or two later when, as fate would have it, Brennan looked up from his clipboard right into Ruka’s glance and his face lit up. He came over and Ruka tilted his umbrella back so he could look up at him.
“Are you Rika Takahashi?” he said.
“Yes,” said Ruka, remembering just in time for about the millionth time to properly answer to that name.
Brennan stared at Ruka for a moment, taking in everything but seeming most fascinated by his face. For a moment, Ruka was afraid he’d see right through the makeup and glasses and this chance would be blown before it had even really begun. But then, he stepped back a little and smiled somewhat sheepishly.
“Wow, the two of you really do look alike. Even though you’re fraternal, I guess you’re still twins. Um, how’s your English …?”
Ruka blinked in confusion, the careful practice at being someone else a little forgotten in the moment. His conditioning finally kicked in though, and he drew himself up a little, feeling the heft of the fake breasts strapped to his chest as he did so.
“I was my younger brother’s tutor in English,” he said.
“Great!” said Brennan, “I mean, I know some Japanese, but yeah … if you need any help, I’ll be happy to tutor you. We can practice on each other.”
Brennan was babbling. This was so unlike him that Ruka couldn’t help making a sheepish face.
“Yes, thank you very much for taking care of my brother when he was here,” he said, raising his voice like he’d been coached so he sounded exactly like her.
“He’s great, you know? You’re lucky to have him for a brother,” said Brennan.
Ruka felt himself coloring.
Brennan made a note on his clipboard and then checked something.
“Are you my group leader?” said Ruka.
“I made sure I would be,” said Brennan. “I gotta take care of you in your brother’s place.”
“Oh, but, I really don’t need to be taken care of,” said Ruka.
“Er, I meant … like how you said it. You know, ‘yoroshiku?’” said Brennan.
Ruka laughed nervously before he could catch himself and then bit his lip to reign in the noise. “She” never laughed. He glanced around furtively, but no one seemed to have noticed the uncharacteristic slip-up.
“Of course. Yoroshiku,” said Ruka, and he held out a hand with a bob of his head.
Brennan grinned and gave the offered hand a clumsy shake, then reached into his pocket and pulled out his cellphone.
“What is it?” said Ruka.
“I’m texting my sister to say I found you,” said Brennan. “She wants to meet you too.”
Ruka felt his jaw go slack and his cheeks flushed even more. Everything he’d done for the last six months had led to this moment. He was finally going to get to see her again …
And not a moment too soon.
He was transfixed as he spotted her pushing through the crowd, her twin ponytails bouncing under the hood of her jacket, the lenses of her glasses flecked with slight drops of water.
It was her. The very reason he had gone to these extreme lengths. The reason why he now wore a skirt without flinching. The reason he had taken his sister’s place. It was Tamera Grey, his princess, his star, his idol, his maiden, the love of his life.
The sight of her brought it all rushing back...


Six Months Ago …

It was well into monsoon season in Japan, and a terrible one had done well working itself up. The rain swirled thickly in the air and the heat felt like it had mass to it. It made Ruka lonesome for the little town of Bellup back in America. Of course, he was lonesome for it for more reason than one. It was something he was already trying to forget, already trying not to think about, so why was he still thinking about it, why couldn’t he just stop!?
He already knew the answer to that question. He had changed. For the first time, he had known what it was to have a close friend, and, for the first time … he had fallen in love. How was he supposed to just go back to the way things were?
He had been watching the rain hit his window for an hour after waking before realizing he needed to go see his sister today. He had already sufficiently slept off the jet lag from his flight and she would be expecting him to stop by and tell her about everything in person. Of course they had kept in touch via email the entire trip, but some things, he felt, just couldn’t be properly conveyed electronically. He didn’t want to tell his twin sister about his first love through text. If shoujo manga had taught him anything, it was that face-to-face was the only real way to connect. Maybe it made him old fashioned, but too many stories like that had touched his heart, and his heart was hurting right now. Maybe following a script would be familiar enough to comfort him.
So, he’d thrown on clothes, grabbed his umbrella and braved the storm.
After traversing the campus to his sister’s dorm, however, he discovered that the monsoon was the least of his problems. He was stopped in the foyer, dripping wet from every fold of his jacket and umbrella, by the dorm monitor.
“No boys,” she muttered from behind her desk.
“It’s … it’s not like that,” said Ruka. He put up his hands placatingly, hoping that perhaps would communicate he had no ulterior motives.
“It’s the rule, no boys,” said the monitor. The plate on the desk read “Arisu” in bright red romaji. Her hair was bleached blonde and put up in a braid that circled her head and a large, round pair of glasses was perched on her nose. She was staring the nail she was filing rather than looking up at him.
“I’m here to see my sister,” said Ruka.
Arisu finally looked up at him and her gaze was harshly dull.
“May I ask you a question?” she said.
“Yes?” said Ruka.
She leaned forward, her eyes still locked on him, and pointed with her nail file.
“How many times a day do you think I hear that excuse? Every boy is ‘here to see their sister,’ when in reality, they’re here to increase the birth rate. And while I believe such a thing would benefit our country, at the same time, the engineering community is inventing more and more sophisticated robots as we speak. Before long, human reproduction will no longer be necessary and sexuality will be obsolete. Until then, however, it’s disruptive to dorm life. I hate listening to the muffled whining of boys when they have their dicks in their girlfriends and so do a lot of the girls here. So, no boys.”
She went back to her nails.
Ruka was silent for a full minute following her tirade and he could feel the tips of his ears burning. How was he supposed to even respond to that?
“I’m … Rika Takahashi’s brother … can you … look it up … or something?” he said.
“Laptop’s not routed into the campus database. Anyway, I know you’re her brother. You look just like her,” said Arisu.
Ruka’s mouth dropped open.
“Then … why won’t you let me in?”
“Don’t whine,” said Arisu, “I said I hate whining, remember? I’ll let you in.”
“Then why did you stop me?” said Ruka.
“Because,” said Arisu, holding her hand out before her face to admire her nails, “your sister said you were cute, so I was wondering if I’d let you put your dick in me.” She looked at him sidelong and … grinned?
Ruka tried to run for it and slipped in the puddle that had formed at his feet. He let out a cry as his feet went up over his head and he landed with an extremely undignified splat.
A few minutes later, he was shaking his head to clear it in a chair in his sister’s room. The monitor had had enough kindness in her to get the brained Ruka to his destination with as little molestation and misdirection as possible. When they reached Rika’s room and she opened the door, the two of them exchanged a whispered conversation for a moment before Arisu shoved him inside, blew him a kiss and headed back to her desk.
Ruka felt a shudder run through his body. That had been … disturbing.
Rika was operating the hot water dispenser at her kotatsu, brewing up a pot of tea for them to share. She left the leaves to steep and came to stand before him, waving a single finger back and forth. He followed it with his eyes.
“What …” he said.
“Checking to see if you have a concussion,” said Rika. She lowered her hand. “It doesn’t seem that you do.”
“Your dorm monitor is …”
“She’s interested in people. She’s a psychology major. She often says things solely to shock.”
Ruka nodded dazedly.
“But, she’s ultimately harmless,” said Rika.
“I almost died because of her. I wouldn’t exactly call that harmless,” said Ruka.
“You’re exaggerating. After all, you don’t have a concussion.”
The tea was done. Rika elegantly poured two cups and handed one to him with the tiniest of smiles that she reserved just for him, her younger twin.
“I haven’t gotten to say it properly yet, but welcome home. I know we emailed the entire time, but I still missed you, you know?”

Uh, just ignore Arisu. She's always been like that >.> When I first made her, she got into fights with characters about the word "revolution." *shrugs*


Yes, I'm blatantly ripping a lot of things from my own life. Bellup = Bellingham, West University = Western Washington University, the exchange program = AUAP program, etc.

I know nothing about how the dorm system works in Japan. That's something I have to fix in revision. This is how I imagine it at the moment though.