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After a Long Sleep...

Ahaha, well, uh, it's been a while since I've used this journal, but I've decided that I'm going to attempt NaNo again this year XD I never did finish the one I started in 2006, but it was a good experience and I learned from it. Last year, I didn't feel very creative because there was a lot of stuff going on in my life. This year, my goals are to try my best and HAVE FUN! So, I'm going the route of my muse on this comm (my goddess Haruhi <3) and using light novel style to have myself a WORD PARTY XDDDDDD So, look forward to it! The Bandit Kite is going to steal your heart, come November 1st!

Thanks for watching!

It's Not What You Think!

I fucking sucked today. Meh. XDDDDDDDD I'll catch up one of these days. I really will. I just ran into a bit of a paradox in my writing today and couldn't get any further until I thought about it. So, maybe more tomorrow. We'll see.

Et Erunt Duo en Carne Una
Day: 13

Efan seemed so fragile suddenly that Adne didn't know what to do with his hands.Collapse )

I've Been Searching...

Whoops, almost forgot to post this today XDDDD;;; I worked a little more today than I usually do. I'm still not completely caught up, but I feel a lot better about today's numbers than I have in previous days. Today you get a new character too, so I hope everyone likes Adne ^.^ Enjoy!

Et Erunt Duo en Carne Una
Day: 12

'Oh, I came here looking for someone,' he said.Collapse )

Stand My Ground

Didn't post anything yesterday because I got eaten by watching The Count of Monte Cristo movie (2000 version) and today was devoured by a Chrno Crusade anime marathon, but I did get a little done this morning before I started. I know, I'm woefully behind. I have a whole day off to myself tomorrow, so I'm going to pound out as many words as possible. I'm almost entirely done with the first part and will hopefully be moving into the second part tomorrow, so expect a shift in perspectives and new characters, I think.

This part was unbelievably hard for me to write. It was, unfortunately, necessary, or the plot wouldn't move anymore. So um, yeah. Have some? XD

Et Erunt Duo en Carne Una
Day: 11

'It'll be nice inside your memories, I think,' she said.Collapse )

She's Fading Away

And again, I find myself writing about myself.

*attempts a word vomit*

Et Erunt Duo en Carne Una
Day: 9

Luxa is being strange.Collapse )

Out of My Head

Oh... oh my god, Efan, WTF? So, uh, you know those lovely moments where your characters suprise you liek whoa? I had one of those today. Efan is, uh, well, he has issues? XDDDDD;;; I guess I should put a warning on this one, just in case any of you are in a public place? XDDDD;;;; Uh, yeah! Have fun!

Et Erunt Duo en Carne Una (this part NSFW at the end)
Day: 8

This is now bone of my bones and flesh of my flesh.Collapse )

Shall I Do?

No NaNo today. I'm sorry T.T I'm too far behind, tired and stressed out by apartment stuff to type out what I had written. Hopefully I'll get started on getting caught up tomorrow. *crosses fingers*


Running Across the Night Sky

Okay, I seriously need a new writing regime. I'm doing horribly and I'm so far behind. Starting Wednesday, I am going to sit for an hour to two hours with my headphones on and NOTHING ELSE GOING ON AROUND ME so that I can crank out more words. I'm getting far too few done a day at this rate and if I want to finish, I HAVE TO CATCH UP. Today was my day off and I couldn't really get anything done because I had to run errands today (I can't run errands when I'm working). SO! Be prepared for bigger chunks starting Wendesday! I will catch up!


Et Erunt Duo en Carne Una
Day: 6

After a minute, she nodded and mussed his hair in a motherly fashion, giving one ear a pet that made it twitch and perk back up.Collapse )