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Not Every Road is Smooth

Hey guys. You may have noticed that it's been pretty quiet here. Yeah ... this year wasn't a winner for me. On November 19th, I officially gave up. Sorry for not posting before now, but I've been working on other things ... >.> I feel a teensy bit bad, but at the same time, I don't. For the first time, NaNo felt like a chore rather than like an exercise or something mentally beneficial. I was having a really hard time at work, and then to have to come home and work on something I didn't feel was turning out and that I was actually coming to hate just wasn't something I could push through. So yeah, threw in the towel.

I think the biggest problem with this story is that I didn't plan the characters well enough. They didn't seem like real people to me and they weren't easy to write at all. Several of them were even starting to feel like rehashes of characters I'd written before, and I really didn't want that. Also, writing about romance and awakening sexual awareness is hard. I really think I need some more practice at it. Maybe if I can get Kite fixed up I can use that as a stomping ground for such things. I really don't want to be a sucky romance writer. My biggest regret on dropping BLT for right now is I never did get around to writing Desi, the adorable trans Latina that popped into my head one night and was going to be a major feature in the second half of the story. Someday, I'll have to pick this up again so I can write her.

So, to sum up, before attempting BLT again (which, if I did, I would probably scrap the whole thing and start over from scratch):

1. Develop characters
2. Practice developing romance, rather than just skipping to the porn.

Anyway, I'm going to post what I DID have written here for your perusal (yes, including that little porn snippet) but I warn you, there won't be any context for several of the parts because for the first time, I worked on this NaNo entirely out of order in order to attempt to save it several times. The bits and pieces ARE arranged according to timeline at least ... I think. Also, some parts may be redundant due to rewriting or me realizing something wasn't working and not wanting to abandon the wordcount. So yeah, if you want to muddle through this unformatted, incomplete mess, feel free. Maybe you can pick out more positive things about it and make me like it better. Thanks for all your support again this year.

EDIT: Dang ... like last time, I'm trying to post too much at once, so there will be another post following this one with the remainder of the content.

BLT - B.izarre L.ove T.riangle Day 5-19:
The Dark Ladies Down the Hall, “Didn’t You Say We Should Get To Know Each Other Honestly?”, various other bits and pieces Part a

Japanese people are real gourmets if they eat like this all the time!Collapse )
Whoa, uh, haven't posted for a few days by accident. Sorry about that. I'm actually writing this story more out-of-order than I have any NaNo before, writing whichever scene has struck me at the moment. I think that's actually why I've been doing so well. I have a sizable cushion still and I've easily been reaching my goal every day. It could also be because the story is very organic. I have a vague idea for the plot, but basically I'm just letting things and characters go where they want to. This is also why the story is horribly, horribly messy. Characters are flailing wildly, details are contradicting themselves, IT SHOULDN'T BE MONSOON SEASON IN JAPAN AT THE TIME I SAID IT WAS, etc. Anyway, it's NaNo, it's supposed to be messy, I'm just going to squeeze it out.

Anyway, here's the next few bits. All fourth-wall breaking is intentional. Don't ask me what's up with Rika, I have no idea. Have at it!

BLT - B.izarre L.ove T.riangle Day 2-4:
Ruka Takahashi, 20, In Love, Desperate Part b, The Siblings Grey

Especially after he’d just said they should “get to know each other honestly …” why did he always say things like that!?Collapse )

Some notes:

- Mina-P: Reference to Aino Minako from Codename: Sailor V and Sailormoon. Yeah, that one. XD

- Oh!Great: Author of Tenjou Tenge and Air Gear, among other things. Tenjou Tenge had a flashback within a flashback in it, so ...

- Gunpla: Gundam models

- Yes, they were watching Gurren Lagann. I felt like I wanted to avoid naming things directly. I dunno why. We'll see how it goes.

Every Time I See You Falling ...

LOL again I totally forgot to write an intro post again this year. I was thinking about doing it and then Halloween ate me so yeah, didn't happen, but it's happening now. Hello again, as I said earlier in the week, NaNo-times are here again and I'm back with an all-new story. That's right, my Bandit Kite novel last year didn't get finished (despite being a winner), so it's time to move on from that as a NaNo project. Instead, I'm now bringing you another idea that's been boiling in my brain since college and has apparently decided to finally manifest. Welcome to B.izarre L.ove T.riangle, a story of college, love, cross-dressing and exchange students in josei-style (I was calling it shoujo before, but seeing as everyone in this story is an adult, josei sounds more appropriate. Especially because of Arisu's mouth >.>). I'm pretty excited about writing this, because I'm drawing on a lot of my college experience so the feeling is really nostalgic for me. I'm also a little worried, because this story isn't as planned out as Bandit Kite was and I'm concerned the characters are coming out a little flat. But eh, that's what revision is for. Anyway, several of the characters are ones I've been developing for years in RP, so they're at least easy to write.

I've doubled my word count for the day, so I have a day's worth of cushion. Go me! Though, for the first time in a NaNo project, I've actually written some stuff out of order, so I won't be posting everything I wrote today since it's not chronological. You're just getting what comes first. Is too bad, because I wrote porn. :D You'll just have to wait for it!

Enough of my rambling though. Let's get to it!

BLT - B.izarre L.ove T.riangle Day 1:
Ruka Takahashi, 20, In Love, Desperate Part a
Warning: Somewhat NSFW due to dialog.

It was Tamera Grey, his princess, his star, his idol, his maiden, the love of his life.Collapse )

Uh, just ignore Arisu. She's always been like that >.> When I first made her, she got into fights with characters about the word "revolution." *shrugs*


Yes, I'm blatantly ripping a lot of things from my own life. Bellup = Bellingham, West University = Western Washington University, the exchange program = AUAP program, etc.

I know nothing about how the dorm system works in Japan. That's something I have to fix in revision. This is how I imagine it at the moment though.

Despite His Strong Hands ...

And, I'm moving this here, since it's technically original. XD Sorry about the spam.

Title: Koyane
Author: kaitou_marina
Beta: Just me... >.>;;; (oh god, it's so bad)
Rating: PG-13 (for language. Oops, forgot about that XD)
Genre: Very light boys' love
Pairing: UBER-one-sided Yutaka/Hikkou
Notes: One-shot. Two of mine and chiba_yuriko's original roleplay characters meet after an extended separation, and suddenly, one finds himself in love. Title is a Shinto reference and the whole thing is littered with Shinto references. Yeah, I've been writing about that a lot recently, I know XD Also, my entire frame of reference for the "delinquent" culture in Japan comes from anime and manga (School Rumble, Fruits Basket, etc.) so it's probably completely and totally off-base, but this isn't reality anyway so, uh... just ignore it? XD GOD THIS JUST SUCKS XDDDDDDDDD It was meant for 'Isha anyway so hopefully she'll get a kick out of it XD

...he’d always felt at his best when he used his strength to help those not as strong as himself.Collapse )